"We Love Promoting A Healthy Life And Making People To Live In A Better Society"

About Us

Health WakeUp (PTY) Ltd – South Africa –  is one of Africa’s largest vegan manufacturer and distributor of vegan supplements, foods and accessories.

The company also offers specialized natural therapies such colonics, ozone treatment, etc.

We are a Promoter of a Healthy Life Style


We Are A Health WakeUp Citizen !

– We have a Business network and strong networking ability ;
– We have are Personable, enthusiastic, and able to organise the efforts of others ;
– We have have a strong understanding and appreciation coupled with a large experience of doing business in Africa with a solid, established networks in most countries
– We have a Strong community focus, comfortable dealing with ordinary people, all levels of government and international stage
– We have a proven performer with demonstrated ability to exceed targets, gain account loyalty and win preferential treatment from key stakeholders
– We have are a Team player
– We have have Business turnaround specialists
– We have are Fully bilinguals (French and English) and able to use both languages on a professional level

All Our Products Are Natural

Health WakeUp offers you the best Organic herbs and natural remedies in South Africa. All our products are 100% Natural and have been proven by registered Herbalists.

At Health WakeUp we have studied the natural properties of natural herbs , their remarkable benefits, and developed a unique range of Spray, Drops, Capsules and dried herbs. We have employed scientific testing methods and modern extraction processes to ensure the benefits of the herbs remain intact, all this at a very good price and excellent quality. We ship worldwide.

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